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(LinuxWorld) -- A long and sometimes bitter thread entitled "A Modest Proposal: We need a Patch Penguin" has been the center of attention for many on the Linux kernel mailing list the past few weeks. (See Resources for the URL to join the list, but beware before subscribing, it has very high traffic.) Underlying the debates on the best methods and/or tools to improve the kernel hacking process is a more troubling question: can Linus Torvalds continue to successfully lead Linux development? Rob Landley began the 300+ message thread on January 28th, when he wrote: Okay everybody, this is getting rediculous (sic). Patches FROM MAINTAINERS are getting dropped on the floor on a regular basis. This is burning out maintainers and is increasing the number of different kernel trees (not yet a major fork, but a lot of cracks and fragmentation are showing under the stress). Lin... (more)

Why Kylix 3 doesn't support Red Hat 7.3 & how to fix it (maybe)

(LinuxWorld) -- The big news about Kylix 3 is that this excellent RAD for Linux now supports C++ as well as Delphi. Delphi, if you don't already know, is Borland's extended Pascal. Borland, if you don't know, is one of the premier makers of software development tools in the world. Borland has tons of experience bringing Pascal/Delphi, database managers, C, and C++ development tools to market. Just as with the first two versions of Kylix, the new release comes in three sizes: the Open Edition, Professional Edition, and Enterprise Edition. You also might want to categorize them by... (more)

Knoppix makes a great GUI installer for Debian

(LinuxWorld) — I've gotten in trouble with some readers lately. I would prefer to think it is just age and the curmudgeonhood that often accompanies it. But the truth is sometimes I just blow it. I don't mean the angry Windows users who were in denial about Linux being a better install. Nor am I talking about the gamesters (and game resellers) who felt it unfair of me to speculate on the reasons for Epic Games' stealth release of Unreal Tournament 2003 for Linux. I'm talking about someone who was dead right to call me on what I said. His name is Klaus Knopper. He took me t... (more)

'Tis the season to frag with Linux

(LinuxWorld) — We're in that "special" time of year between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Shopping time and tempers grow short. Parking spots grow scarce. Frustrations grow and multiply. Even in small towns, it is hard to escape the insanity. Last week in a small town near where I live, a man went berserk in a Wal-Mart parking lot and drove his truck into five other vehicles, presumably cracking under shopping-induced pressure. This holiday season, it's healthy to save a little quiet time for yourself. To meditate on life's simple pleasures. To quietly and contemplatively co... (more)

Why Austin TX is considering a Microsoft enterprise license

(LinuxWorld) -- This is half of a tale of two cities -- Largo, FL and Austin, TX. On August 13, Newsforge published Robin Miller's profile of the IT department at the City of Largo, FL, and how the city uses Linux and X Window System terminals pervasively. (See the resources below for related links.) Miller quotes city officials as saying that using Linux and X terminals saves the city approximately $300,000 in hardware costs and a similar amount in license fees to Microsoft annually. I read Robin's story with great interest as I've been conducting research for similar story abo... (more)