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(LinuxWorld) -- A few readers felt I missed the mark with my piece on ACID, the Analysis Console for Intrusion Databases I wrote about a couple of weeks ago. (See Resources for a link.) To correct that situation, this week look at the PureSecure Total Intrusion Detection System from Demarc. By the way, while ACID is free software (as in speech), Demarc's PureSecure is not. There is a free version for non-commercial use, but that is free as in beer, not free as in speech. There are more differences between ACID and PureSecure than just the license. PureSecure is much more polished, more complete, and more full-featured than its free software counterpart. After registering on the Demarc Web site, I received a password via e-mail that allowed me to download the personal version of PureSecure. After reading the 3,000-word license, I determined since I planned to use the... (more)

Mandrake 8.2 offers the easiest installation ever

(LinuxWorld) -- One of my first heroes (and a nominee for my Dweeb Hall of Fame) was a guy I ran across on Bix years ago. His name is Roedy Green. To say that Roedy was sensitive to poorly designed software installation would be to say President Bush is sensitive to suggestions his administration should have known the 9/11 attacks were coming. Green wrote scathing criticisms of various products -- applications or operating systems, it made no difference to him -- where the installation had been given short shrift. He knew what he was talking about. Green had an absolute gift for ... (more)

A Linux you can try before you even install it

(LinuxWorld) -- It's strange how things work out sometimes. I was feeling a bit burned out by the install wars. I don't mean the difficulty of getting an OS to lay down politely on a system. I mean seared by the flames from those whose belief systems were shattered by my column last week. There were more than a couple Windows users who became "excited" by my report that Red Hat 7.3 was a better, faster, and easier install than Windows 2000. "It's an unfair comparison!" was the most common whine. It wasn't unfair at all -- it was an honest, uncontrived real-life experience. However... (more)

10 Linux predictions for 2002

(LinuxWorld) -- The end of the year. Traditionally, this is a time to pause and reflect on the happenings of the old year as well as the possibilities for the new one. Last year at this time I wrote my first "crystal ball" piece and made ten predictions for the year 2000. Looking back on them now (the URL is given in Resources), I'll say that while I did no better than a coin toss, it could have been much worse. I'll give myself the Golden "Hammer on Nail" award for predicting that " the Microsoft appeal of Judge Thomas Penfield Jackson's rulings will result in his findings of l... (more)

Evolution's latest mutations

(LinuxWorld) -- It's been a while since I've looked at Evolution, the GNOME project's answer to Microsoft Outlook. I wrote about Evolution 0.2 last summer, when it was barely out of the larval stage. (See Resources for a link.) While some serious progress has been made between 0.2 and the current 0.8 release, there is still work to be done before 1.0 goes out the door later this year. The biggest difference is that I can now use Evolution in my everyday life. It still crashes and you should still back up your mail folders, but I'm using it now for two POP accounts, calendaring, ... (more)