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(LinuxWorld) — Here it is, just as promised. This is the conclusion of the Perens extravaganza begun last week. This week's column is made up of excerpts from my conversation with Perens two weeks ago. The conversation followed no set course. My questions were not pre-ordained; they wandered over the Linux terrain like it was a cow-path in Texas. But Perens' responses were lucid, well-informed and very interesting. I have trimmed and edited the conversation a bit in order to pack as much of it as I could into this week's space. Lobbying for change LW: Let's say that I, as a hot-headed journalist, wanted to see the Texas Legislature enact new legislation that would make EULAs subordinate to the constitution and not the other way around. Where customers could not be assumed guilty and have to prove their innocence, but rather enjoy the normal way of things under the l... (more)

Cooltown tour shows HP's commitment to Linux

(LinuxWorld) -- Hewlett-Packard is one of the oldest and proudest names in the history of the computing industry. HP makes everything from supercomputers to laptops, from inkjet printers to pocket PCs, from operating systems to mass storage devices. Until the past year, HP was seen by many -- myself included -- as just another large company offering lip service to the ideals of open source/free software, but not really embracing them. All that began to change in December of 2000 when HP hired Bruce Perens, the man who first articulated the definition of "open source," as HP's poi... (more)

Is Windows 2003 Server really faster than Linux/Samba?

(LinuxWorld) — Microsoft funded and released a new set of benchmarks to follow the debut of its often-renamed Windows 2003 Server. The boys in Redmond are proud as punch of their new baby, whatever its name. They would have the world believe that Windows 2003 Server is twice as fast as Linux, at least when it's used for file serving. Microsoft hired VeriTest to conduct benchmarks using hardware and software configurations provided by Microsoft. VeriTest shares Microsoft's penchant for name changes. VeriTest used to be known as ZD Labs, and has also been known as eTesting Labs. T... (more)

How to detect intruders with ACID

(LinuxWorld) -- I wanted to try ACID ever since someone rooted my server last year. Mind you, not the hallucinogen LSD, though at the time I might have been tempted. The ACID I'm talking about is the Analysis Console for Intrusion Databases. It allows you to display and examine alerts from Snort in almost real-time. Snort, of course, is the wonderful open source Intrusion Detection System (IDS) by Marty Roesch. You can read all about my introduction to Snort by following the link given in Resources below. Another link in Resources points to a primer on installing Snort. It's a fa... (more)

Linux vs. Windows installation, part 2: Shoot-out at the XP Corral

(LinuxWorld) - I've received a lot of criticism about a comparison I did recently about (re)installing Windows 2000 (W2K) and Red Hat 7.3 on my Sony Vaio PXG700K laptop. The comparison was based on real-world events, it was honest, and it was accurate. Red Hat emerged the clear winner in both speed and ease of install. Still, many people have claimed it was unfair to Windows. As a result, the editors at LinuxWorld.com have asked that I do a sequel. Most of the complaints had to do with the fact that I used Sony's system-restore CDs instead of a retail CD. In a real-life scenario... (more)