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(LinuxWorld) — The shockwaves emanating from the lawsuit SCO Group filed against IBM last week continue to ripple back and forth across the entire IT community. That includes the free-software and open-source segments. How the suit will affect the future development and usage of Linux remains to be seen. SCO Group CEO Darl C. McBride told analysts and reporters in a teleconference on Friday that "this case is not about the debate about the relative merits of the proprietary versus open-source software models. This case is also not about IBM's right to develop and promote open-source software, so long as they do that without SCO's proprietary information." The most immediate threat of the suit to IBM is the issue of licensing for the use of Unix in AIX. Loss of that license could cause serious problems for IBM's Unix-based hardware offerings. While there is hug... (more)

Why Microsoft is exhibiting at LinuxWorld Expo

(LinuxWorld) -- It's been bugging me for weeks, ever since I read the announcement from LinuxWorld Conference and Expo that Microsoft is coming to the show. No, the announcement didn't mean stealth attendance by solo Microsoft employees or contractors. The show has had those in the past. It meant Microsoft will have a booth. My questions are what do they hope to accomplish and how will they do it? What would motivate Microsoft to participate in an event celebrating a cancer-causing, communist-inspired, anti-American miscreant of an operating system called Linux? I queried Micros... (more)

Installing Linux on a laptop still tricky

(LinuxWorld) -- I bought my first laptop two years ago in preparation for my first (and the event's second) Linux World Conference and Expo (LWCE). It was a used ChemBook I purchased from a friend in the local Linux User Group. It had two easily removable hard drives, one of which contained a working installation of Red Hat. Back in 1999, it was still a bit unusual to run Linux on a laptop. A couple of weeks ago, after four LWCEs, one USENIX, and an ALS, my trusty traveling companion gave up the ghost while I tried to install a new distribution of Linux. I bought a new laptop t... (more)

Is 'Antitrust' for real?

(LinuxWorld) -- There's been a lot of buzz on the Net recently about a movie that opened across the country January 12. The villain in MGM's "Antitrust" is based on the man so many love to hate, Bill Gates. Adding to the buzz -- at least among the open source crowd -- is the fact that Linus Torvalds, Jon "maddog" Hall, and Miguel de Icaza were all involved in the making of the movie. That buzz was more than enough to whet my interest. So when I saw a message on the local LUG mailing list noting that free tickets for a sneak preview could be had at an Austin novelty and graphics ... (more)

Linus Torvalds answers 10 goofy questions

(LinuxWorld) — Have you ever wanted to get to know Linus Torvalds a little better? To see behind that clever, mild-mannered public demeanor of his and observe the real man? But if you're like me, you're usually too short of the cash/time required to go on the Linux Lunacy Geek Cruise and meet him up-close and personal. Never fear, my dweebs. Here are ten questions that Doc Searls, Phil Hughes and the rest of the gang really wanted answered on that cruise but were afraid to ask. Thanks to these probing questions and Torvalds' illuminating responses — questions that t... (more)