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(LinuxWorld) — Microsoft funded and released a new set of benchmarks to follow the debut of its often-renamed Windows 2003 Server. The boys in Redmond are proud as punch of their new baby, whatever its name. They would have the world believe that Windows 2003 Server is twice as fast as Linux, at least when it's used for file serving. Microsoft hired VeriTest to conduct benchmarks using hardware and software configurations provided by Microsoft. VeriTest shares Microsoft's penchant for name changes. VeriTest used to be known as ZD Labs, and has also been known as eTesting Labs. The benchmark results VeriTest produced for Microsoft showed Windows Server 2003 to be faster than Red Hat Linux/Samba on both uniprocessor and SMP HP servers — a stunning 66-to-95 percent faster, at that. Given the many configuration options for Linux, Samba, and Windows, I had questions abo... (more)

How to install Neverwinter Nights on Linux

(LinuxWorld) — As soon as I saw the news that BioWare released a beta of a Linux client for its popular and successful Neverwinter Nights title, I downloaded the beta (registration required) and went shopping for the prerequisite retail Windows version of the game. Before I proceed, let me offer this brief warning: Neverwinter Nights is the mother of all timesinks. Do not follow my path unless you have nothing important you want to get done for the next week or so. I tried to install the beta the same afternoon I got home from Wal-Mart with my retail version of Neverwinter Night... (more)

Why the best news for Linux is still to come

(LinuxWorld) — Hidden away in a seemingly routine industry news story by John Spooner at CNet last week was the most important PC desktop news of the year. Maybe of the past ten years. Unfortunately, the story was wrong. Michael Kanellos, Editor of Enterprise Computing and Personal Technology at CNet, told me that IBM did not get its story right the first time. IBM won't preload Linux after all. The announcement — had it been true — would have been a much more important one than Microsoft signing an SCO Unix license. It would have represented a frontal assault on the most sacred ... (more)

An unauthorized biography of RMS

(LinuxWorld) -- Sam Williams filled in a few missing tiles on the mosaic of the history of Richard Stallman and the free software movement with his unauthorized biography of Richard Stallman with his book entitled Free as in Freedom: Richard Stallman's Crusade for Free Software. Given the pyroglyphics that always seem to accompany discussions of Stallman, true believers being set upon by the forces of evil and all that, Williams could hardly have chosen a more perilous task. There are two dangers involved: failing to give Stallman the credit he deserves, or giving him too much. ... (more)

Why Austin TX is considering a Microsoft enterprise license

(LinuxWorld) -- This is half of a tale of two cities -- Largo, FL and Austin, TX. On August 13, Newsforge published Robin Miller's profile of the IT department at the City of Largo, FL, and how the city uses Linux and X Window System terminals pervasively. (See the resources below for related links.) Miller quotes city officials as saying that using Linux and X terminals saves the city approximately $300,000 in hardware costs and a similar amount in license fees to Microsoft annually. I read Robin's story with great interest as I've been conducting research for similar story abo... (more)