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(LinuxWorld) -- A couple of weeks ago I wrote about moving from Sylpheed (a wonderful e-mail client) to Evolution. I promised then that I would follow up after I had had a chance to put a few more miles on Evo. This week's column keeps that promise. First, I want to go off-topic for two other items. I asked readers for help last week in configuring Sorcerer on my Sony notebook computer so that at boot time, dhcp would be running before network initialization. I received many helpful responses -- thanks to you all. The best suggestion came from Sean P. He suggested the following, and it works great: Edit /etc/pcmcia/network.opts to change DHCP to "Y" and to remove all static network addresses.Remove the S30/K30 network symbolic links from rc3.d and rc5.d.Create a symbolic link in /sbin pointing to the dhcpcd that lives in /usr/sbin.Type "/sbin/dhcpcd -k" followed by ... (more)

Is Windows or Linux easier to install?

(LinuxWorld) -- I've been preparing my Sony Vaio for an extended tour of duty at my girlfriend's new home. To make it as familiar and easy to use as possible for her, I decided to make it a dual-boot system. That way she can run Windows if she wants, and Linux awaits when I inflict her with my presence. It turned out to be a great opportunity to compare the installations of a popular Windows release with the latest from Red Hat. I kept copious notes as evidence. My goal was to install each OS, get Internet connectivity via a Netgear PCMCIA NIC working, make each OS recognize a U... (more)

Knoppix makes a great GUI installer for Debian

(LinuxWorld) — I've gotten in trouble with some readers lately. I would prefer to think it is just age and the curmudgeonhood that often accompanies it. But the truth is sometimes I just blow it. I don't mean the angry Windows users who were in denial about Linux being a better install. Nor am I talking about the gamesters (and game resellers) who felt it unfair of me to speculate on the reasons for Epic Games' stealth release of Unreal Tournament 2003 for Linux. I'm talking about someone who was dead right to call me on what I said. His name is Klaus Knopper. He took me t... (more)

How to move from ISDN to cablemodem with a minimum of fuss

(LinuxWorld) -- Call it what you will: downsizing, right sizing, or simply trimming the fat. I reengineered the Internet access from my home office and it is going to have a significant impact on my monthly expenses. It's also given me 10 to 20 times more bandwidth. There is a down side, but at the end of the exercise I'm left wondering why I didn't try this long ago. I've had an ISDN connection since I put my Web site online in 1996. When I shut down my ISDN line last month, I was paying $300 per month to the telephone company, which is SBC, and an ISP. That gave me a handful of... (more)

Meet the Perens (Part 2): Secret preloads, Bitkeeper and TCO

(LinuxWorld) — Here it is, just as promised. This is the conclusion of the Perens extravaganza begun last week. This week's column is made up of excerpts from my conversation with Perens two weeks ago. The conversation followed no set course. My questions were not pre-ordained; they wandered over the Linux terrain like it was a cow-path in Texas. But Perens' responses were lucid, well-informed and very interesting. I have trimmed and edited the conversation a bit in order to pack as much of it as I could into this week's space. Lobbying for change LW: Let's say that I, as a hot-h... (more)