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(LinuxWorld) — Last week, we took an "unofficial" look at the Xandros 1.0 installation. This week, we are back on the straight-and-narrow — the "official" install comparo — with Mandrake 9.0 stepping into the spotlight. Can the Mandrake installation compare favorably to that of W2K and Windows XP and dethrone our defending champion, Red Hat 8.0? Let's find out. As always, the Sony Vaio laptop had all partitions removed from its hard drive before beginning the installation. It was equipped with the same Netgear PCMCIA Ethernet card and IBM USB PC camera that were in place for the previous installs. The Mandrake PowerPack Edition 9.0 contains seven CDs: two installation discs, one documentation disc, two commercial-applications discs, one supplementary applications disc and one source disc. The sheer size of it had me worried that it might be the slo... (more)

'Tis the season to frag with Linux

(LinuxWorld) — We're in that "special" time of year between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Shopping time and tempers grow short. Parking spots grow scarce. Frustrations grow and multiply. Even in small towns, it is hard to escape the insanity. Last week in a small town near where I live, a man went berserk in a Wal-Mart parking lot and drove his truck into five other vehicles, presumably cracking under shopping-induced pressure. This holiday season, it's healthy to save a little quiet time for yourself. To meditate on life's simple pleasures. To quietly and contemplatively co... (more)

DOJ-Microsoft agreement: It's not a sellout, it's surrender

(LinuxWorld) -- If I hired a lawyer to negotiate a settlement with a predatory monopolist, a monopolist found by a federal judge, and by a federal appeals court, to have violated antitrust law in a number of ways to maintain and extend its monopoly illegally, and he or she produced a settlement like the proposed settlement between the DOJ and Microsoft, I would not just fire them. I would kick them out the door and warn them never to darken it again. Then, I would try to have them disbarred. How bad is it? It's so bad that headlines appeared the day the settlement became public ... (more)

How to detect intruders with ACID

(LinuxWorld) -- I wanted to try ACID ever since someone rooted my server last year. Mind you, not the hallucinogen LSD, though at the time I might have been tempted. The ACID I'm talking about is the Analysis Console for Intrusion Databases. It allows you to display and examine alerts from Snort in almost real-time. Snort, of course, is the wonderful open source Intrusion Detection System (IDS) by Marty Roesch. You can read all about my introduction to Snort by following the link given in Resources below. Another link in Resources points to a primer on installing Snort. It's a fa... (more)

A Linux you can try before you even install it

(LinuxWorld) -- It's strange how things work out sometimes. I was feeling a bit burned out by the install wars. I don't mean the difficulty of getting an OS to lay down politely on a system. I mean seared by the flames from those whose belief systems were shattered by my column last week. There were more than a couple Windows users who became "excited" by my report that Red Hat 7.3 was a better, faster, and easier install than Windows 2000. "It's an unfair comparison!" was the most common whine. It wasn't unfair at all -- it was an honest, uncontrived real-life experience. However... (more)