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(LinuxWorld) — My boss sent me to a seminar to evaluate a hot technology that might prove useful: voice recognition. Kurzweil, a pioneer in the black art, conducted the seminar. I concluded voice recognition was nifty and gave impressive demo, but getting reliable, speaker-independent, continuous-speech recognition was beyond the ken of current technology. That was in 1980. It's still a fair summation today. For some people, the promise of voice recognition is a siren call heard above the noise of reality. The desire to produce text from the spoken word remains strong. A friend of mine, we'll call him Robert, recently asked me to help him get IBM's ViaVoice Dictation working on his Red Hat 7.3 desktop. Robert was on a quest for a friend of his, who for physical reasons finds it difficult to type, making school papers harder to create than they should be. Dicta... (more)

SCO's lawsuit is funny, but not 'ha-ha' funny

(LinuxWorld) — The shockwaves emanating from the lawsuit SCO Group filed against IBM last week continue to ripple back and forth across the entire IT community. That includes the free-software and open-source segments. How the suit will affect the future development and usage of Linux remains to be seen. SCO Group CEO Darl C. McBride told analysts and reporters in a teleconference on Friday that "this case is not about the debate about the relative merits of the proprietary versus open-source software models. This case is also not about IBM's right to develop and promote o... (more)

TightVNC: Remote X the secure, fast & easy way

(LinuxWorld) — My dear friend Susan is happily running Red Hat 8.0 on my Sony Vaio laptop in her new home while she waits for me to build her a real desktop machine. I set up an account for myself on the laptop so that when I visit her I can get online and check my e-mail. We both connect to the Internet using Time-Warner's Road Runner cable service. Sometimes I forget to shut down Evolution on my own desktop before I leave home. As a result, every ten minutes it retrieves my e-mail and deletes it from the various servers where I have an account. Then, when I check it from ... (more)

Trail of tears: MySQL, ODBC & OpenOffice 1.0

My friend Milt recently told me that he was having problems getting MySQL and OpenOffice.org 1.0 to play together nicely. Actually, "having problems" is something of an understatement. Milt is not a newbie. He's been using personal computers since before IBM's entry in the market. He does his own networking. Through the years, he has made DOS and various flavors of Windows do everything but make coffee. But when it came to getting MySQL and OpenOffice connected with Linux (running SuSE), he was getting nowhere fast. I started looking around for resources on the Internet that might... (more)

Is Windows 2003 Server really faster than Linux/Samba?

(LinuxWorld) — Microsoft funded and released a new set of benchmarks to follow the debut of its often-renamed Windows 2003 Server. The boys in Redmond are proud as punch of their new baby, whatever its name. They would have the world believe that Windows 2003 Server is twice as fast as Linux, at least when it's used for file serving. Microsoft hired VeriTest to conduct benchmarks using hardware and software configurations provided by Microsoft. VeriTest shares Microsoft's penchant for name changes. VeriTest used to be known as ZD Labs, and has also been known as eTesting Labs. T... (more)