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(LinuxWorld) — If you've kept one eye open watching industry news the past week or two, you've seen the stories about Bruce Perens and his open-source licensed book series with Prentice Hall. I'll get in a few words on that book series later in the column, but first I'll try to put things in context. Bruce Perens is a fascinating individual, and he probably knows his way around the suit side of the house better than any other leading figure in the free/open-source software movements. I had the chance to visit with Perens for nearly an hour last week. I couldn't help but get off-topic. In addition to the books, I was supposed to be talking to him about his consulting work, grants and donations — you know, the things he has been doing to try to keep food on the table since his departure from HP. However, as I mentioned, Perens is very interesting. The more... (more)

Getting started with IRC

Every week, I often include a link to an IRC channel for support or additional information about whatever I'm writing about. I don't intend to stop doing that, but it has occurred to me that not everyone reading the column is IRC-literate. Until now, that is. After reading this brief primer on IRC, my dweebs, you will be fluent in the lingua francois of the online world (read: le typo) and be able to chat with the best of them. You'll also be a little bit closer to earning your IRC Wilderness Survival merit badge. In certain states, you may also have whiter teeth and a faster bur... (more)

Is 'Antitrust' for real?

(LinuxWorld) -- There's been a lot of buzz on the Net recently about a movie that opened across the country January 12. The villain in MGM's "Antitrust" is based on the man so many love to hate, Bill Gates. Adding to the buzz -- at least among the open source crowd -- is the fact that Linus Torvalds, Jon "maddog" Hall, and Miguel de Icaza were all involved in the making of the movie. That buzz was more than enough to whet my interest. So when I saw a message on the local LUG mailing list noting that free tickets for a sneak preview could be had at an Austin novelty and graphics ... (more)

SCO's lawsuit is funny, but not 'ha-ha' funny

(LinuxWorld) — The shockwaves emanating from the lawsuit SCO Group filed against IBM last week continue to ripple back and forth across the entire IT community. That includes the free-software and open-source segments. How the suit will affect the future development and usage of Linux remains to be seen. SCO Group CEO Darl C. McBride told analysts and reporters in a teleconference on Friday that "this case is not about the debate about the relative merits of the proprietary versus open-source software models. This case is also not about IBM's right to develop and promote o... (more)

Getting frugal: Red Hat Network's low-cost upgrade to Red Hat 9

(LinuxWorld) — These are tight economic times. One of the things I can't afford to do any longer is to run out and buy the latest distribution of Linux to hit the shelves, whether it be from Mandrake, SuSE, Xandros or Red Hat. Little good it would do me if I could; Susan is using the laptop and I am down to a single computer in my home office. This is my work machine and I prefer to leave it on the same distribution and release for long periods. Recently I decided to put my Red Hat Network (RHN) subscription to greater use. I normally use RHN to run up2date at least weekly so I ... (more)