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How Joe Barr slashed his network expenses while increasing bandwidth by 10 to 20 times. (1,100 words)
The show reflected the downturn in the economy, and especially in the tech sector. Linux is not dead and neither is the Linux desktop, despite the steady beat of its funeral dirge in the tres duh press. (900 words)
Hewlett-Packard may be gung-ho about Linux, but its Pavilion laptops don't show it. The Sony Vaio, on the other hand, has a BIOS that's ready for Linux. (900 words)
You know those official-looking proofs of purchase that come with Microsoft products that you may have kept but have probably lost? You need them. Just ask the 650 municipalities that received letters from Microsoft's lawyers this summer asking for a 'voluntary software audit.' (2,000 ...
Review of Borland's Kylix Open Edition and Enterprise Edition, the former is expected to cause a flood of GPL applications for Linux. (1,200 words)
Bruce Perens lends his name and reputation to HP's open source initiatives. (1,100 words)
Ximian's motives, plans and ambitions for Mono, a free clone of Microsoft's .NET, including the C# language. (1,200 words)
From denial, to diagnosis, to rebuilding and hardening the system, Joe walks us through the life cycle of a hack. (1,700 words)
Hewlett-Packard has talked open source for a while now, but without putting any code where its mouth is. The times may be changing. Joe Barr looks into HP's release of source code for popular print drivers, and a Linux version of the company's new Print Server Appliance 4200. (700 word...
Joe Barr has outdone himself. Scoring an interview with the Bob Young is good. But actually pinning down one of the monopoly's minions for a verbal slugfest with Young is a triumph. If Joe has accomplished this much by the first of April, by year's end the LinuxWorld.com editors will a...
This week Joe Barr presents the first of two columns about stealth scans, and NMAP, a port scanner used by attackers and system administrators alike. (1,400 words)
With the help of his readers, Joe Barr discovers what may be the best e-mail and news client for Linux. It's called Sylpheed. (1,400 words)
With the help of his readers, Joe Barr discovers what may be the best e-mail and news client for Linux. It's called Sylpheed. (1,400 words)
If you have wondered what IBM is doing with its much-trumpeted $1-billion commitment to Linux, peek inside the Linux Technology Center for some answers. (1,200 words)
For Linux to take a prominent place on John Q. User's desktop, it needs a top-notch graphical email client. Evolution may be it. (1,100 words)
Open source coders can happily hack away in isolation, but if the Linux and open source community is to grow -- and finally reap some desktop apps -- somebody has to succeed on the business end. This week Joe offers some insightful worrying on the topic. (1,400 words)
In this week's Version Control, find out how 24-year-old Linux journalist Emmett Plant moved through jobs at several major Linux sites and founded his own open source news publication. (1,500 words)
Joe Barr catches up with Linus Torvalds after the kernel and Expo commotion and gets his thoughts on the kernel, passing the baton, trade shows, Microsoft FUD, and his heroes. Find out what Linus will do for a free beer. (1,700 words)
During the same LinuxWorld Expo at which IBM stated that Linux would rule the server by 2004, Microsoft issued statements to the press predicting the demise of Linux. Version Control sets the record straight with an Expo wrap-up and thorough debunking of Redmond's FUD du jour. (1,700 w...
This week Joe interviews the other bright young man behind Ximian, CEO Nat Friedman. Find out how he left Redmond behind in order to helm one of the open source world's best-known companies.
Never underestimate the hot pepper. Fans of 'The Simpsons' will recall Homer's psychedelic episode with 'Guatemalan insanity peppers,' and Joe Barr's readers remember his precognitive habanero dreams. Pepper power is back this week, inspiring Joe to put the family album online with ope...
Find out how the film did with our resident Linux advocate and read comments by Linus Torvalds, Jon 'maddog' Hall, and Miguel de Icaza about their association with the movie. (1,300 words)
In Greek tragedy, the hero frequently must suffer to gain the truth. So it went for Joe recently when he tried to use SANE (Scanner Access Now Easy). But the suffering is over, and Joe is back this week with technical tips to help you set up a Linux scanning environment worthy of legen...
Aside from giving the Linux press something to talk about, what will be the impact of the new 2.4 kernel? We asked industry leaders to comment on their ideas for integrating the latest Linux release into their products and their plans. (600 words)
He may not know why he did it, but Joe Barr has cut loose with some bold 2001 predictions. (900 words)